Washington D.C. Environmental Film Festival

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Spanning two weeks in March in venues across the nation’s capitol, the Environmental Film Festival in Washington D.C. celebrates its 21st year in 2013 with a stacked roster of movie premieres and a theme centered around the vital role of rivers in human survival. Held from now through March 24 in over 75 local venues, this exciting film event brings together the love of cinema with the knowledge of environmental responsibility. The 2013 Environmental Film Festival features 110 premieres and 190 screenings of engaging films from over 50 countries, and 196 environmentalists and filmmakers will be on hand to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. From films about toxic water sources and youth activism to African ecologies and the Yellowstone River, the Environmental Film Festival is a conscious showcase of the vulnerable existence of the waters that rush across our world. Ideal for film enthusiasts, environmental activists, students and anyone concerned about the future of our natural world, this D.C. film festival is a great way to stoke your enthusiasm for ecological conservation.

Just a few of the films to be showcased during the Environmental Film Festival include Lunacy! (a documentary about people obsessed with the moon), Lost Rivers (investigating the rivers that flow beneath cities) and Hot Water (an expose of the toxic effects of uranium mining in the American West). The entire roster of films for the festival with show times, ticket information and venues can be found on the festival website. The Washington D.C. Environmental Film Festival is taking place now through March 24, 2013 in venues across the nation’s capitol, including the National Gallery of Art, National Museum of American History, National Geographic Society, numerous local libraries and more. Tickets for the films can be purchased in advance online through the Environmental Film Festival website, however many screenings are free with no reservations required.


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