Touring DC Campuses

Recently my family and I decided to go look at a couple of the schools in the DC area. George Washington University and American University are both well known schools, not only to those living in and around Washington DC, but all across the country. It would be a good idea for any DC traveler to drop by these schools, even if they didn’t intend on applying to either one in the near future.

Although both schools are centered in our nation’s Capitol, the schools have very distinct personalities. George Washington University has two main campuses, the Foggy Bottom Campus and its Mount Vernon Campus. The Foggy Bottom Campus is where most of the action happens. Unlike American University, George Washington appears to be smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life.  The school’s buildings are concentrated in one area, but while navigating through the George Washington University campus, it is difficult to spot the difference between the college campus and the rest of DC. It appears to be just as lively as any part of the district; with people in business suits and tourists weaving their way through the streets. Not only does the campus provide vacationers with a keen sense of what DC life is like, it also has great places to stop and eat.

The American University campus is placed in a more residential part of DC. The area is quiet and for those seeking a school in DC but a bit more secluded, this school is a perfect fit. American offers a lot as a university. During the information session I learned that American University was ranked 1st for Student Political Activity and 13th for Overall Quality of Life. Not only is American University a highly acclaimed school, but its faculty also includes award winning professors, such as George Clooney’s father, Nick Clooney. Not only did the tour teach me more about the school academically, but it also clued me in on student life and the benefits to living in the DC area. It is important that while looking at schools to get a holistic picture of the school, and this cannot be achieved through a computer screen. Campus tours are an essential part of the application process, but they can be fun and enjoyable for the common DC sightseer as well.

On our tour of the campus, our guide helped navigate us through the busy streets. He talked not only about the history behind the university, but also about the history of the city. Most people decide to forego visiting campuses unless they themselves are sending a teen off to school sometime in the near future. But, as a traveler wanting to learn about a new place, college tours can be a resourceful tool. The tour guides, despite being usually young, are quite knowledgeable of the area. They can point out the best places to grab a bite to eat and help you learn more about historical landmarks. Plus, The George Washington and American University campus tours were not only fun, but free, which is definitely one perk to attending either tour.


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