Tour Washington DC

I recently went on Onboard’s “DC it All” tour and LOVED IT.  I’ve been living in the area for a good two years now and still had not had the opportunity to see what DC has to offer.  I wanted to get my feet wet in the culture of it all so my husband and I decided to be a tourist for a day and go on this tour.

My thoughts – This tour was really amazing.  You must go!

We boarded a smaller sized shuttle bus (seats around 30 people) at around 10am and  were promptly on our way.  We visited, what I thought was, pretty much every important thing to see in DC.  We went to all the monuments (Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Vietnam, WW2, etc), saw the Smithsonian museums, drove through Georgetown, visited the white house, went to the Arlington Cemetery and the National Cathedral, etc.  We also got to board a boat and enjoy perspective of the city by water.  We saw old town Alexandria, the National Harbor and more!

Tour Highlights – I liked that we got to get on and off the bus in different locations.  We got to get a great view of the site as well as got the time to take pictures and enjoy the nice weather.  It was one of the most inclusive tours I’ve ever been on and seriously one of the most informative.  The tour guide we had, Tom, gave us so many fun facts and information about the city- I definitely feel like I would have a shot at getting some Jeopardy trivia questions correct J.

I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Washington dc.  It really is the best way to get a glimpse of everything the city has to offer.


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