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Washington DC Spirit Cruises
Potomac River

Prepare to see Washington, DC from a unique perspective as you take a cruise along the Potomac River. Check out DC’s most popular landmarks, like the Kennedy Center, the Washington Monument, Watergate, the Jefferson Memorials and the US Capitol building. Washington DC Spirit Cruises are a relaxing way to take in spectacular views of the city and capture some amazing photos of the Nation’s Capital.
Spirit Cruises offers lunch and dinner cruises, Mount Vernon tours, and Specialty Cruises, including December Holiday Cruises, New Year’s Eve Family and Lunch and Dinner Cruises, Black History Month Lunch Cruise, National Cherry Blossom Festival Cruises, Saturday Gospel Lunches, and Full Moon Dinner Cruises. For a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, reserve a private charter on the newest fleet member, the Spirit of Washington, and enjoy an evening of dinner, dancing and live entertainment while cruising past beautiful Washington, DC vistas.
As you climb aboard the private charter, you will be greeted by the crew and escorted to your table. The ship features three dining decks with flexible seating layouts for parties of two and up. Each deck offers a full-service cocktail bar, a dance floor and buffet dinner. Make your way up to the top deck for stunning views, fresh air and patio-style seating.  A typical dinner cruise runs from 2.5 hours to 3 hours.
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