National Zoo Welcomes Baby Panda

We’ve yet to lay eyes on it, we don’t know whether it’s male or female, and its survival is still touch and go. But the latest addition to the National Zoo has already provoked a full-blown love affair in the District. And yes, count us in on being excited about the birth of a cub to the zoo’s giant pandas.

The zoo will abide by the Chinese custom of waiting 100 days before naming the cub and the panda house has been closed and will probably remain so for several weeks. The cub, which keepers said probably weighs about four ounces and is quite fragile, will not make its debut for several months.

national zoo baby panda, hotel panda packagesIf you would like to make plans to come and view the newest addition to the National Zoo, two of our hotels offer an Official Panda Package, The Georgetown Inn and Georgetown Inn West End. The package includes an Exclusive Zoo Welcome Kit that includes a stuffed Panda. As a tourism partner of the National Zoo, a portion of the proceeds from these packages go to Panda conservation research.


Update: September 24, 2012 – The giant panda cub born a week ago at the National Zoo in Washington died Sunday morning, saddening zoo officials and visitors who had heralded its unexpected arrival.


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