The Great Drag Queen Race

Did you know that DC loves drag queens? I didn’t know and was quickly convinced when my girlfriends told me about the “Drag Queen Race” in Dupont Circle. And here I was thinking gay love was just a New York thing. more… »

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Its Football Season!

For a while it looked like we might not have any NFL football this year, as negotiations went down the wire before the players and owners finally came to an agreement that allowed the NFL regular season to go on as scheduled. That means it’s now time to figure out what games you want to see this season, and the best way to see a game is with an NFL travel package from Premiere Sports Travel. more… »

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What to do on a Rainy Day…

In tribute to all the rain we’ve been getting in the DC area over the past few weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of activities you can do with the family on days you would rather not be walking around in the rain. Here are my top 4 picks for great indoor family fun activities. more… »

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Earthquake in Washington DC

Wow, I still really cannot believe that the Washington dc area experienced an earthquake this week. I’ve been born and raised on the east coast and only knew of earthquakes to exist on the WEST coast. Actually, when the whole thing was happening, I was convinced that the vibrations and rumbling I felt was coming from the kitchen in the restaurant I was dining at. The idea that I was going to be blown up from a kitchen malfunction did not even allow me to consider that this crazy “train” like sensation might have been an act of nature. Anyway, everyone was fine and unharmed for the most part.

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Touring DC and Virginia

A lot of tourists visit Washington DC without ever realizing that there is more to the Metro area than just the District of Columbia. Northern Virginia has a lot to offer those who are visiting the area. Yes, it’s true; Washington DC does not hold a monopoly on great shopping, awesome restaurants, and fun family activities. more… »

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