Give Back to the DC Community on Martin Luther King Day


Honor one of our nation’s civil rights leaders during Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, a national holiday in which thousands across the country partake in a day of community service. Beginning at 11 a.m. on January 20, visitors can watch a parade, partake in major service events, and visit the Martin Luther King Memorial.

Although King’s actual birthday resides on the 15th, Congress designated this national commemoration of sorts on the third Monday of January to further memorialize King’s life of service to others. Volunteers can join in on one of the numerous service events taking place throughout the city.

Spend a few moments reflecting upon the life of Dr. King at the Martin Luther King Memorial, or view the commemorative wreath at the Lincoln Memorial, where King gave his famous 1963 speech. These national memorials will be open all day, allowing visitors quiet and contemplative moments day and night.

Plus, visitors will enjoy watching the annual parade down Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE. Spectators can listen to the Ballou Marching Band play while watching representatives from DC’s Asian, Bolivian, Jamaican, and African American communities.


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