Eat your way through Barracks Row – the best restaurants in DC

Capitol Hill has totally transformed. It’s not all politics on this side of the hill – you’ll find Barracks Row is one of the hot spots in town for great drinks, dining and debauchery. The young and the young at heart love walking through the historic market hall on Seventh Street SE to grab lunch at Market Lunch or sip a cocktail and read. With the area on an upswing, a number of renowned chefs and restaurants have started to flock to the area – making their mark on this bustling and vibrant new neighborhood that’s enjoying revival. With the promise of some of the best restaurants in Washington DC right in Barracks Row, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to try some. Acqua al 2 is one of the favorites offering classic Italian with modern flare. The original San Diego restaurant started blossoming ten years ago, and since then chef Martin Gonzalez has been able to expand. Begla Café is a local favorite – don’t be surprised if you have to wait a while to get a seat, but know that it’s worth the wait. The sidewalk café brings a certain European flare to Barracks Row that’s always a hit. If you want to go with something a little nostalgic, order up a thick milkshake from Ted’s Bulletin, an Americana favorite complete with Buddy Holly tunes, Studebakers and $5.99 dishes. Of course, Barracks Row has just as cultured of an entertainment offering as it does it’s dining – check out Capitol Hill Books, the art gallery The Fridge, or Homebody for some unique finds. 


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